What causes brake pads to not last or brakes to not work?

Brake pads are one of the most frequently used wearing parts on electric bikes and motorcycles, and their performance relates to the safety of the rider's safe. The service life of brake pads is closely related to the use of brake pads, because daily travel may need to use the brake at any time, so pay attention to the wear of brake pads for driving safety is essential.

The quality of brake pads varies from brand to brand, and there are good ones and bad ones. Different types of vehicles use different brakes, for example, fuel vehicles usually have drum brakes and electric bikes commonly have disc brakes. Poor brake pads will not be particularly obvious in normal times, for example, when you adjust the normal brake travel, gently step on the brake, or grab the brake handle a few times, you may feel that the brake travel is within the normal range, and the brake response is also quite fast, but if you brake during the ride, you can clearly feel this brake difference. This is reflected in the fact that when you use your foot on the brake while riding, you will find that the brake has been pressed to the bottom, and the braking distance is very long. Why is this the case? This is a case where the brake pads are too soft and therefore have poor braking performance. When you really need to brake urgently, you cannot brake for a short time. Therefore, for your safety, I suggest you'd better not use this kind of brake pads, even if it's really cheap.

Are there any brake pads with good braking performance?

Better performance brake pads, better braking effect, faster response There is a kind of brake pads better than this kind of brake pads, this kind of brake pads braking sensitivity, braking distance is also short, but the brake pads wear out very fast, a pair of brake pads may be used to 6000 kilometers, the braking performance has become very poor. Currently on the market, some of the faster fuel cars will be equipped with these brake pads, the speed of this car is relatively fast, so the brake performance requirements of the brake pads is relatively high, but the brake pads are usually worn out faster, if the use of more frequent and more for long-distance driving, about a week or so will have to adjust the brakes. Therefore, we don't recommend you to use this kind of brake pads, equipped with this kind of brake pads, you may need to go to the repair store to adjust the brakes frequently, which is more troublesome for the users.

What kind of brakes are more durable?

Generally, the brake pads of big brands are more durable and effective. For example, the drum brake pads of Wuyang-Honda have a warranty of 30,000 kilometers, which can be used on e-bikes for at least 20,000 kilometers. Most of the cheap power assisted vehicles on the market nowadays, the brake pads that come with the vehicle are only about 7,000 kilometers at the most, and these brake pads are a little bit bigger than the ordinary brake pads, so it is possible that they cannot be used in most of the e-bikes. Lunyee has done the relevant market research in advance when designing and producing the e-bikes, and therefore improved the brake pads in the production of the two-wheeled e-bikes, so as to make them have better braking performance. have better braking performance.

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