Why is it harder to make an electric bicycle than a high-speed electric brake?

With the increase in people's travel needs, two-wheeled electric vehicles are welcomed by more and more people as a convenient and fast way to travel. Most of the electric two-wheelers on the market nowadays use electric bicycle technology, and rarely use electric motorcycle technology, do you know why this is? Maybe many people will answer because it is easier to build an e-bike. Do you know why it is easier to build electric bicycles? In my opinion, there are three main reasons.

I. E-bikes do not have high speed requirements

The speed of e-bikes is usually around 25km/h, which is slow, and even if there are a small number of faster electric bikes, the speed is not more than 60km/h, so there is no need to over-consider the wind resistance coefficient, the frame strength, and the kinetic energy attenuation, as well as the brake inertia and other parameter factors.

Electric motorcycles require higher speeds, usually greater than 80km/h. Most of Lunyee's electric motorcycles have speeds of 100km/h or more, and if you need higher speeds, we also have specially designed ultra-high-speed electric motorcycles. However, due to the high speed requirement, more factors need to be considered when building an electric motorcycle. The three electric systems, frame strength, braking system, shock absorbing design, and response to direction are all factors that need to be carefully considered. If the wind resistance of the vehicle is too big, it not only consumes a lot of power but also poses a threat to the safety of the rider. Therefore, electric motorcycles are very rigorous in research and development, design, and production.

II. Testing needs

Ordinary electric two-wheeled car assembly off the line, car inspectors in the factory test ride a few laps, not too big a problem will go to the packing warehouse shipment, body of some minor problems almost will not have a great impact on the daily ride! But high-speed electric motor is different, electric motorcycle after assembly, but also needs to go through a variety of road conditions for the test, and mileage must reach a certain standard can be, and then review the final data, qualified after the electric motorcycle can. Therefore, the release cycle of electric bicycles is shorter, and a new vehicle can be released in a few months. The release cycle for electric motorcycles is much longer.

III. Expensive upfront investment

The production of high-speed electric motorcycles must obtain the first-class motorcycle production qualification, for the level of the production line is very high. In addition, high-speed electric motorcycle appearance design, parameter configuration, as well as mold development, the final procurement of some parts, and the performance of the tuning of the entire production process require a huge cost. In contrast, the input cost of e-bikes is much lower.


E-bike use environment is generally commuting, on all aspects of the vehicle performance requirements are not high. After all, high-speed electric motor vehicles are heavy, fast, and are to take the motorway, therefore, all aspects of the manufacturing requirements are higher.

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