Sales Case: Waterproof E-bike Solution

Client Background

Greg Lewczuk is an outdoor enthusiast and cyclist who enjoys exploring different terrains and weather conditions. He lives in an area with frequent rainfall and has been considering purchasing an electric bicycle that can withstand wet conditions. Greg is focused on vehicle durability and was looking for a reliable and durable e-bike for his adventurous lifestyle.

Client need

Greg's main concern was whether the e-bike could be used in the rain without compromising its performance or safety. He wanted to ensure that the electrical components (especially the battery and motor) were protected from water damage. Greg also sought a solution with a high level of water resistance so that he could confidently ride his e-bike in all weather conditions without worrying about potential failure or damage.

Recommended programs

In communicating with Greg, we recognized his concerns and offered a range of e-bikes designed to withstand wet conditions. So we offered a highly waterproof e-bike, an electric self-propelled planner with a sealed design battery that is mounted on the frame of the e-bike to ensure that it is protected from rain and splashes. In addition, the motor of the e-bike also uses a waterproof motor with a closed design, effectively preventing the intrusion of rainwater. Considering that the roads are slippery on rainy days, the e-bike may skid or slide sideways, posing a threat to the rider's life and safety, so it is more important to consider the tire performance. We recommend these tires as road tires. These tires have deep rims and an aerodynamic design that provides excellent grip and minimizes the risk of the vehicle skidding on wet roads.


During the communication process, Greg was very worried about the packaging of the e-bike. To solve his concern, we especially showed the company's packaging method. We use double packaging of foam and cardboard boxes, which can effectively prevent the problem of vehicle parts being damaged during transportation.


After receiving his e-bike, Greg Lewczuk said we took his concerns seriously and provided him with detailed information about the waterproofness and durability of his e-bike, packaging for shipping, and other details that put him at ease. He was very pleased with the solution we provided.

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