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The company covers an area of 230,000.00 square meters and has more than 600 employees, built with an office building, staff dormitory, product R&D and test center, a modern two-wheel and three-wheel motorcycle production workshop and engine assembly line.

Discover Energica

Jump in the saddle of our Italian electric sport motorcycles and experience impressive power and the exhilaration of instant acceleration.

  • Office Building

    Our company covers an area of 230,000.00 square meters and has more than 600 employees.

  • Motorcycle Assembly Line

    It has an annual production capacity of 500,000 motorcycles and 600,000 sets of engines.

  • Motorcycle Test Line

    Our company adheres to the quality of survival, innovation, and development road.



Cost-Efficient: Low Service, No Emissions

To put it simply, an electric motorcycle is powered by a rechargeable battery instead of petrol. When the battery powers the electric motorcycle it can cut the cost of ownership by up to 60%. This is achieved because the vehicle is virtually maintenance free and charging with electricity is far cheaper than gasoline.

Battery Swapping: Compatibility, Portable Charging

A Synchronous reluctance assisted by permanent magnets generating torque surpassing virtually any conventional ICE motorcycle, that is able to sustain this initial acceleration with continuous horsepower delivery.

An electric motor is different from a conventional petrol engine in the way that it has instant torque. This means as soon as you accelerate the power is outputted and acceleration is instant. This means there is great power and speed in the motorcycle, perfect for city or off-road riding. Additionally the motorcycle has no clutch or gears which creates an easier, more intuitive motorcycle that anyone can ride.

Local Presence: Data Management, Robust Design

Our vehicle is built, developed and designed for and in the world. This means we have optimised production to cater for the very needs of the product. Our philosophy is that the best possible product for a market also has to be created, built and designed in that market.