Do I have to pedal my e-bike constantly?

E-bikes have a pedal assist feature that provides power assistance to move the vehicle, but it still requires the cyclist to pedal. So many people inevitably wonder: do I need to pedal continuously like a traditional bicycle?

Do I have to pedal my e-bike constantly

Before we answer that question, we need to understand a bit about pedal assistance on e-bikes.

Pedal Assist Mode

Pedal Assist or Electric Boost provides motor power only when you step on the pedals. Sensors detect your pedal cadence and add proportional assistance. Pedaling is required, but the motor will multiply your power, resulting in more speed and less physical effort.

Throttle mode

Many electric bikes come with a throttle control, usually a twist grip or trigger handle on the handlebars. The throttle allows you to start the motor without having to pedal. The throttle alone provides motor propulsion but has a shorter range.

Expandable range of pedals

While not required, pedaling with the motor output does help extend the battery life of an e-bike. As the rider pedals, the motor draws less current.

Pedal boards provide exercise

Riding an e-bike retains some of the health benefits of a traditional bicycle, even when pedaled gently. The adjustable assist level finds the right balance of pedaling intensity that doesn't feel too tiring but still provides a workout.


Ultimately, e-bikes do not require constant pedaling. With Pedal Assist and Throttle Mode, you can pedal minimally or not at all, especially when going uphill. However, occasional pedaling can help extend range and provide healthy activity if needed.

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