Do I need to register or insure an electric bike?

Most e-bikes have motors of less than 750W and are considered bicycles, not motorized vehicles. In most jurisdictions, these low-power e-bikes usually do not require registration or insurance. However, more powerful e-bikes with motors over 750W may be classified as motorcycles or mopeds and require registration and insurance.

Do I need to register or insure an electric bike

Registration Requirements

Usually, you only need to register an electric bike (if it is classified as a motorized vehicle, such as a moped or motorcycle). Most areas do not require registration for e-bikes under 750W. However, some areas are starting to require all e-bikes to be registered. Check your local ordinances for registration requirements for e-bikes where you live.

Insurance requirements

Again, insurance is only required if the e-bike is considered a motorized vehicle. Most standard homeowner's or renter's insurance policies provide some liability coverage for e-bikes up to 750W. More powerful e-bikes may require a motorcycle or moped policy. Commercial insurance may also be recommended if you use your e-bike for business purposes.


In summary, standard low-power e-bikes under 750W generally do not require registration or insurance in most areas. However, you will need to confirm this after checking the relevant laws. Motorized vehicles are usually more powerful, and for safe riding purposes, you may want to double check with your insurance company to confirm whether insurance is required.

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