How do I choose a right e-scooter?

Choosing the best electric scooter involves carefully analyzing the factors that affect the key performance of the scooter and matching the vehicle's specification parameters to your needs and uses. This involves a comprehensive evaluation of factors such as speed, range, motor power, weight capacity, braking, suspension, etc., and then choosing one based on your individual needs.

How do I choose a right e-scooter

Required speed and desired range

Consider your typical trip distance and average required speed to narrow down your electric scooter selection by rating range. Typically, electric scooters with high hourly speeds use more power. If you want a longer range, you can choose a battery with more battery capacity, but the weight of the battery will also increase. Lunyee has a wide range of vehicles with a maximum speed of 75KM/h, which can meet different speed requirements.

Motor power requirements

The power rating of the motor largely determines the acceleration and sustainable top speed of the electric scooter. Usually a motor in the 300-500 watt range will be sufficient for most people, with more power needed for more powerful acceleration and higher speeds. Lunyee's 250-watt electric scooters are sufficient for riding on flat roads, and there are also high-powered electric scooters in the upper kilowatt range.

Vehicle weight and carrying capacity

Before choosing an electric scooter, you need to know its weight limit to ensure that it can safely carry the total weight of you plus any cargo or accessories. A body made of steel frame material will increase the durability of the vehicle and provide better support for the rider, but it will also result in an increase in the weight of the vehicle, which is not conducive to portability.

High performance braking system

A more powerful braking system provides faster stopping speeds and vital safety, especially on downhill grades. Electric brakes and hydraulic disc brakes are safer.


A proper suspension system helps to eliminate vibrations and bumps caused by uneven urban terrain and cracked road surfaces, thus improving comfort in daily use.


Taking the time to properly analyze your needs and matching key electric scooter specifications to requirements is critical to determining the best model.

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