How much maintenance do electric bikes require?

Unlike traditional bicycles, e-bikes are typically heavier, and people ride them for longer periods of time, so they require regular maintenance to keep them running safely and efficiently.

How much maintenance do electric bikes require

Routine maintenance

Simple maintenance tasks, such as chain lubrication, brake pad inspections, tire pressure checks, and visual inspections of components, should be performed frequently on electric bikes. Routine maintenance should be performed every 100–200 miles to minimize wear and tear.

Regular maintenance

More thorough regular maintenance should be performed every 400–600 miles or every 2-3 months, depending on how much you ride. This includes tensioning and replacing chains as needed, replacing worn brake pads, inspecting and replacing worn tires, and checking electrical connections and cables for damage.

Other issues

You can also have a thorough annual or semi-annual inspection, which can include motor testing and diagnostics, battery testing and potential replacement, testing of all electrical circuits, driveline tune-ups, brake fluid flushing, wheel reconditioning, and fixing any other problems found.

Damage Maintenance

It is also important to carry out a thorough safety inspection and repair if the e-bike suffers any major impacts or collisions. After a collision or fall, inspect the electrics, frame, handlebars, wheels, and other parts for damage and make any necessary repairs. Do not ride an electric bicycle that has been in an accident without repair.


Since e-bikes tend to be ridden for longer periods of time and over longer distances than traditional bikes, regular maintenance is important and generally needs to be performed every few months to keep the components in good condition.

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