Maintenance knowledge of electric bikes

E-bikes have become more and more popular in recent years. The price of a high-quality e-bike is not cheap. Reasonable use and maintenance of e-bikes can not only ensure driving safety but also extend the service life of e-bikes, which is still very important for friends of e-bikes. In this article, we will give you a detailed introduction to how to maintain the e-bike. The maintenance of an e-bike is divided into five important systems: charger, electronic control, motor, brakes, and battery.

Use and care of the charger

  • Don't change the charger at will, use the charger correctly according to the instruction manual.
  • Before charging to confirm that the charger plug (positive and negative) and the car battery socket are matching, prohibit the use of non-standard and poor quality chargers to charge the battery, to avoid unnecessary damage to the battery.
  • Due to the charging process of the charger producing a certain amount of heat, it is recommended that the battery is placed in an open ventilated place for charging, it is strictly prohibited to cover the charger with external objects during charging, otherwise it is easy to damage the charger and the battery, and even cause fire accidents; in addition, it is also strictly prohibited that the charger is flooded or rained on.
  • Use and maintenance of the electronic control section

    1. The best way to avoid sun exposure when the electric bike is parked, and not prolonged rain, is to avoid damage to the components in the controller caused by the operation failure.
    2. The use of the speed control handle requires light spinning and light release, with no need to rotate hard, the 1:1 power brush models are best to use the cruise speed switch.
    3. On rainy days riding, should try to avoid switches electrical connections plug-ins and other wet, to prevent leakage and short circuits.
    4. Exposed contacts (including the triangular socket) are electrically charged, and it is strictly prohibited to touch the positive and negative poles at the same time with hands or metal objects.

    Use and maintenance of motors

    1. Regardless of the brush motor or brushless motor, the process of operation will produce a certain mechanical noise (brush) or electromagnetic resonance (brushless), which are normal phenomena. However, if your brushless motor produces abnormal vibration and sound during operation, you should turn off the power and overhaul it in time.
    2. When the e-bike moves backward, the rear wheel feels heavy resistance, which is a normal phenomenon. However, if the e-bike is pushed forward with a lot of resistance, the motor should be disconnected from the power supply and then overhauled in time.
    3. When driving on a waterlogged road on a rainy day, the depth of water should not exceed the lower edge of the motorized wheel hub to avoid motor failure due to water seepage from the motor.

    Use and maintenance of brakes and transmission systems

    1. First of all, like the maintenance of ordinary bicycles, the front axle, center shaft, flywheel, chain, and other transmission parts of the e-bike for regular inspection, scrubbing, and lubrication, to prevent due to rust and corrosion affecting normal use. Manufacturers of hub motors to reduce the need for maintenance of the motor, generally do not require the motor's internal self-scrubbing and lubrication, you only need to go to the maintenance point for maintenance when the motor is in an abnormal situation.
    2. Secondly, we should often check whether the front and rear brakes of the power-off brake are effective, especially the rear brake of the left brake if the power-off failure is likely to damage the controller in the use of the process.

    Battery use and maintenance

    Battery is a kind of consumable product, with the use of time growth, the whole vehicle range will gradually reduce. To ensure the normal use of the e-bike, the battery should be necessary maintenance, and maintenance points are as follows:

    1. Choose a high quality and matching charger.
    2. It is strictly prohibited to use and store in a state of power loss. After each use, regardless of how much power consumption, where possible, the battery should be fully charged promptly, which is conducive to prolonging the life of the battery.
    3. It is strictly prohibited to open the battery cover without authorization to prevent danger and avoid damage to the vehicle due to liquid leakage.
    4. Replace the battery as far as possible to choose the original battery or high-quality battery. When choosing batteries try to choose high quality, good reputation brand batteries.
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