What makes electric scooters a short-range mobility tool?

How can you conveniently solve your short-distance travel challenges? Shared bikes? Electric car? Automobile? Or an electric scooter? As a fun short-distance transportation, electric scooters have become the first choice of many young people.

Various types of electric scooters

The most common shape of electric scooters is the L-shape, which is a one-piece frame structure designed in a minimalist style. The handlebars can be curved or straight, and the steering column and handlebars are usually at about 70°, showing the curves of the assembly. To make electric scooters more portable, some electric scooter manufacturers will add foldable elements to the electric scooter, after folding the electric scooter in a "zig-zag" structure, which is both simple and easy to carry.

Why are electric scooters so popular?

Electric scooters are loved by many people, in addition to the shape, there are many advantages:

  • Portable: electric scooters are generally smaller in size, and the body is generally made of aluminum alloy structure, with lightweight and portable features, compared with electric bicycles, electric scooters can be easily loaded into the trunk of the car, or carried on the subway, buses, etc., and can be used in combination with other modes of transportation, which is very convenient.
  • Environmental protection: it can meet the needs of low-carbon travel, compared with cars, and does not have to worry about urban traffic jams, parking difficulties, and other issues.
  • High economy: electric scooters are powered by lithium batteries, with long battery life and low energy consumption.
  • High efficiency: electric scooters generally use permanent magnet synchronous motors or brushless DC motors, which have high power, high efficiency, and low noise, and generally have a maximum speed of more than 20km/h, which is much faster than that of shared bicycles.

Composition of electric scooter

Lunyee's electric scooter, for example, the car's large and small parts up to more than 20, of course, these are not all, in the vehicle interior there is a motor control system motherboard.

Electric scooter motors generally use hundreds of watts of brushless DC motors or permanent magnet synchronous motors and with special controllers, brake control generally uses cast iron or composite steel; batteries generally use lithium batteries, and there are a variety of capacities to choose from, if there are certain requirements for the speed, try to choose 48V or more batteries; if there are requirements for the range of miles, try to choose the capacity of the battery in the 10Ah or more. If you don't want to use lithium batteries, we also have lead-acid batteries for replacement.

The body structure of the electric scooter determines its load-bearing strength and weight, generally speaking, the vehicle should be at least 100 kilograms or more load-bearing capacity, and the vehicle body is strong enough to enable it to drive on bumpy roads. Currently, the most commonly used material for electric scooters is aluminum alloy, which is not only relatively lightweight but also excellent in terms of sturdiness. most of Lunyee's electric scooters are made of aluminum alloy, which is not only sturdy and durable, but also takes into account the lightweight design. The dashboard of the vehicle can display the current speed and mileage information, and the tires generally have two kinds vacuum tires and air tires, the use of vacuum tires on the electric scooter is relatively expensive, but better shock absorption.

Electric scooter technology

If the components of the electric scooter are broken down, the motor and control system are the most central part of the entire vehicle, and they are also the control center of the electric scooter, responsible for the entire vehicle start, run, in, and out, speed, and stop. Electric scooters can run quickly and safely, the performance of the motor control system is very high, and the efficiency of the motor has greater requirements. At the same time, as a practical type of transportation, the motor control system is required to withstand vibration, tolerate harsh environments, and have high reliability. The hardware design scheme of the conventional scooter control system is shown in the following figure, which mainly includes the driver MCU, gate driver circuit, MOS driver circuit, motor, Hall sensor, current sensor, speed sensor, and so on.

图片 1

MCU works through the power supply energized, using the communication interface and charging module and power supply and power module to communicate. The door drive module is electrically connected to the master MCU and drives the BLDC motor through the OptiMOSTM drive circuit. The Hall position sensor can sense the current position of the motor, and the current sensor and speed sensor can form a double closed-loop control system to control the motor. After the motor starts running, the Hall sensor senses the current position of the motor, converts the position signal of the rotor poles into an electrical signal, provides the correct phase change information for the electronic phase change circuit to control the switching state of the power switching tubes in the electronic phase change circuit, and feeds the data back to the MCU. the current sensor and the speed sensor form a double closed-loop system, and when the input is a difference in rotational speed, the speed controller outputs the corresponding current, and then the difference between this current and the actual current is calculated. Then the difference is used as the input to the current controller, which then outputs the corresponding PWM to drive the permanent magnet rotor to rotate continuously.

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