What to do if the electric scooter stops turning off?

Electric scooters rely on electronic systems to control speed, braking, and switching. If the electric scooter does not shut off when the power button is pressed, there may be a problem with the switch, controller or wiring. If proper safety precautions are taken, the problem can be fixed on its own. However, for larger repairs, it is best to have a certified mechanic inspect the repair.

Check the power switch

The first thing to check is the power switch. Turn the switch on and off a few times to check for loose or damaged connections. Make sure the switch assembly is properly secured to the handlebar. If the switch feels loose or unresponsive, it will need to be replaced. Disconnect the electric scooter from the charger before performing any troubleshooting or repairs.

Check the wiring

Inspect all wiring from the power switch to the controller for any visible damage or corrosion. Loose or exposed wiring may prevent proper power disconnection. If wiring problems occur, have any damaged wiring replaced or loose connections re-soldered by a professional electric scooter technician prior to using the electric scooter.

Test controller

The controller is responsible for facilitating signal communication between components such as power switches, motors, and batteries. If the on/off signal from the switch is not being forwarded correctly, the controller may need to be replaced. However, the controller may be more difficult for inexperienced riders to diagnose and replace. It is best to have the controller checked by an electric scooter service person to avoid accidental damage.


In summary, troubleshooting an electric scooter that won't shut down usually requires checking the power switch, wiring, and possibly even the electronic speed controller. Troubleshooting problems and parts replacement based on vehicle failure is necessary to protect the rider's safety. With annual maintenance and servicing of the electronic system, a well-designed electric scooter can provide years and miles of trouble-free riding.

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