5 minutes to teach you how to buy a power wheelchair

With the development of science and technology, electric wheelchairs are gradually integrated into people's lives, to help the elderly live mobility inconvenience travelling, it is very important to choose a suitable electric wheelchair, both safety and use. The following are considerations on how to select a suitable electric wheelchair car.

Selection Factors

Needs Assessment

Firstly, you need to assess your needs. Consider how you will use the power wheelchair and the scenarios of use, including indoor, outdoor, travelling, etc. Determine your desired functions and features of the power wheelchair, such as whether you need it to be foldable, adjustable seat height, etc.

Size and Weight

Consider whether the size and weight of the power electric wheelchair is appropriate for your physical condition and the environment in which it will be used. Pay particular attention to the seat width, depth and back height to ensure that it provides comfortable and stable support.


Try out different models of power wheelchairs and note how comfortable the seat is. Seat material, padding and lumbar and head support are all factors to consider.


Find out about the different types of manoeuvres, such as manual control or using a joystick. Choose a manoeuvre that suits your abilities and preferences.

Battery life and range

Consider the battery life and range of your power wheelchair. If you need to use your power wheelchair for long periods of time or need to travel long distances, choose a model with a longer battery life and range.

Suspension System

If you plan to use your power wheelchair on uneven ground, choose a model with a good suspension and overhang system to provide a more comfortable and stable ride.

Safety Features

Learn about the safety features of your power wheelchair, such as braking systems, anti-tip protection and seat belts. Ensure that the model you choose complies with relevant safety standards and regulations.

Maintenance and Service

Understand the maintenance needs and after-sales service support for your power wheelchair. Make sure you have easy access to repair and maintenance services and understand the relevant warranty policies.


Consider your budget range and choose a power wheelchair that meets it. In addition to the purchase cost, you also need to consider the subsequent maintenance and servicing costs.

Consult a professional

It is advisable to consult medical professionals or power wheelchair manufacturers, etc. They can provide professional advice and guidance based on your medical condition and needs.


In summary, choosing the right power wheelchair for you needs to consider your personal needs, size and weight, comfort, manoeuvrability, battery life and range, suspension system, safety features, maintenance and service, budget and consulting professionals for advice. Fully understand the features and functions of different models and perform a trial sit test before making a choice to ensure that you choose the right power wheelchair for you.

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