Electric scooter usage guide and safety knowledge

Technology changes people's lives, with the improvement of science and technology, people's travelling methods have become more diverse. Nowadays all kinds of transport, private cars, electric cars have emerged. Electric scooters have been welcomed by many people because of their unique fun. Skateboarding was originally just as a form of entertainment and received a lot of young people, but after it was transformed into an electric scooter, it became the trendiest sport in the city.

While electric scooters have become popular, there are some people who are worried about the situation, and some of them still have doubts about the safety of electric scooters. This concern is not unreasonable, so what are the precautions that can help us better maintain our safety when using electric scooters?

Guidelines and safety knowledge for using electric scooters

  • Adjust the wheels to make sure they are running properly.
  • Adjust the elasticity of the cushion with the lock nut.
  • Regularly fill the bearings with oil to cut down on gliding resistance.
  • For beginners, it is better to skate on a slope with a small point of view, and gradually switch to different slopes.
  • Electric scooters should be driven on dry roads. A little rain will not affect the use of the scooter, but it is not recommended to drive in moderate or heavy rain. Otherwise, it will wet the accessories of the electric scooter, resulting in product damage. And it is easy to cause traffic accidents.
  • Replacement parts should be of the same standard as the original parts.

Safety equipment

  • Helmet: A good quality helmet is your most important safety equipment, we firmly believe that if you ride an electric scooter without a helmet, scratches and sprains can be quickly recovered, but the damage to the head will greatly affect your future days.
  • Sports shoes: Most sports shoes are suitable for scooter sports, sandals and high heels are not suitable for scooter sports.
  • Knee pads: The most effective knee pads are plastic. There are many other types of knee pads that work very well, and wearing any of them is better than wearing none at all.
  • Gloves: Motorised scooter gloves come in many shapes and sizes, and some people in the US and Japan use motorbike gloves as scooter gloves, while others use gardening gloves instead, which is fine. However, it is recommended that you choose lightweight gloves that are too thick and heavy for the direction of operation.
  • Wrist guards: Like knee pads, plastic wrist guards are the best wrist guards, but there are also cotton wrist guards that serve the same purpose.
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