Electric Wheelchair Usage Guidelines

With the development of economy and technology, electric wheelchair will provide more convenient experience for some users. Lunyee's electric wheelchair has increased the electronic control system (motor, battery, controller), which is more convenient to operate and humanized, there are manual folding and automatic folding models, the intelligent electric wheelchair backrest, seat cushion and leg rest can be adjusted to multiple angles, and can also adjust the user's seating height, and part of the models even have the function of assisted standing. We are committed to providing a more convenient way for many friends who have difficulties in travelling. Electric wheelchairs used to use lead-acid batteries, which are not only heavier but also have a shorter lifespan and need to be replaced more often. Most new electric wheelchairs use lithium batteries, which are not only lighter, but also have a longer battery life.

Power Classification

As mentioned above, the batteries of electric wheelchairs are mainly classified into lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries, both of which can provide the power needed to move around, but there are also differences between the two types of batteries.

Lead-acid batteries

  • Control system, power system, and drive power are superimposed on the traditional manual wheelchair.
  • Equipped with high-capacity and technically mature maintenance-free lead-acid batteries as the driving power source.
  • Adopting aluminium alloy tubing as the frame, the height of armrests can be adjusted, and the hanging feet can also be rotated 180°.
  • Adopting the latest electromagnetic brake technology, no backward skidding when going uphill, no inertia when going downhill, very safe and reliable.
  • Equipped with mature technology universal controller, the direction is more accurate, easy to drive, flexible control.
  • The use of gear box secondary variable speed motor provides sufficient horsepower for the electric wheelchair, making it more powerful in climbing and more durable in power.

Lithium Battery

Lithium electric wheelchair is a power unit superimposed on the traditional manual wheelchair, with lithium battery as the power source, using aluminium alloy tubing frame and ergonomic design, to achieve the electric wheelchair high-strength, high load-bearing, light weight, small volume, and folding structure at any time.

Tips for using electric wheelchair

  1. Fully unfold the electric wheelchair and turn on the power switch, and adjust the sitting posture at the same time. Put your feet on the pedal next to you and put your hands on the control lever, taking care not to press the trigger of the controller.
  2. Slowly press the trigger of the controller through the lever and the machine will start to move forward. For your own safety, there are five elements that you must check before travelling: the road surface is flat, the front is safe, the distance is relatively close, the seat belt is strapped on, and the helmet is worn.
  3. When turning, the method should be different from the push wheelchair, you should tilt towards the direction of the steering wheel for better steering.

Precautions for the use of electric wheelchair

  • Do not use batteries of different capacities, different brands and types.
  • When you have not sat on the electric wheelchair, it is better not to start the power supply, otherwise, if you touch the joystick by mistake during the commissioning process, the electric wheelchair will be activated and move in the corresponding direction, which will not only cause trouble to you, but may even lead to your fall.
  • Pay attention to the load of the vehicle, the vehicle load exceeds the maximum load capacity may damage the seat, frame, fasteners, folding parts and so on. In serious cases, it may even lead to the damage of the electric wheelchair, which is hazardous to the user's safety.
  • When the battery of the electric wheelchair is low, it can not go up the steep slope. This is because when the battery power is insufficient, the power of the vehicle is also insufficient, so it will be very difficult to go uphill, so if you go out on the route with steeper slopes, it is best to fully charge the battery before use.
  • It is forbidden to use the parking brake when the electric wheelchair is going downhill, in order to avoid overturning, which will bring harm to the user's life and health. Therefore, it is best to control the speed and slow down in advance when going downhill.
  • It is forbidden to step on the brake continuously.
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