How to choose the right power wheelchair for the user?

In the purchase of electric wheelchairs, in addition to understanding some of the configuration of electric wheelchairs, do not ignore the user's physical conditions, driving needs and other circumstances. Try to avoid following the trend, blindly choose, because of like and so on very strong subjective factors to buy, must be combined with the budget and demand to choose, if the blind pursuit of a certain type or accessories, it is very easy to choose the unsuitable products.

Consider the age and weight of the user

  • If the user of the power wheelchair is under 60 years old and in good health, then you can try a multifunctional, front-drive power wheelchair. This is because the user is not yet very old, has the ability to learn and will be more interested in getting around.
  • If the user is older than 60 years old, it is recommended to choose a model with simple functions and easy to use, which is easier for the user to use.
  • If the user's weight is heavy, more than 200 pounds, it is recommended to choose a heavy-duty electric wheelchair, if the weight is under 200 pounds, light or heavy-duty electric wheelchair can be, depending on the individual's situation.

Power Wheelchair Types

Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

The so-called lightweight electric wheelchair means that the overall weight of the wheelchair does not exceed 20kg, which is more suitable for those users who need to carry it up and down the stairs frequently, or carry it to the boot of the car when they go out.

Lightweight electric wheelchairs are lightweight and foldable, which makes them more convenient to carry. However, it is recommended that lightweight electric wheelchairs be driven on smoother roads to make them more comfortable to use.

Weighted Power Wheelchair

Heavy duty power wheelchairs are those with an overall weight of 20kg or more.

If you don't need to move around a lot and rely on a power wheelchair for a long time, you can consider that a heavy duty power wheelchair is relatively more versatile and can cope better with bumpy or unstable road conditions.

Power wheelchair belongs to a special product, do not understand the majority of consumer groups, if you do not know in advance, it is easy to step on the pit.

Please keep in mind that the purchase of a wheelchair, whether it is a power wheelchair or a manual wheelchair, must be the user's physical condition, the frequency of use of the product, the use of the environment in the first consideration, followed by the choice of the appropriate configuration of the wheelchair according to their own budget.

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