Lunyee Successfully Completes Trip to Canton Fair 2023

Lunyee participated in the Canton Fair 2023 with our new electric vehicles and wheel and axle kits. The Canton Fair was held in Guangzhou in October, and Lunyee participated in the first phase of the five-day exhibition, which focused on consumer electronics and information products, household electrical appliances, lighting products, general machinery and basic mechanical parts, power and electric equipment, processing machinery and equipment, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, electrical and electronic products, hardware, tools, and so on.

Lunyee Successfully Completes Trip to Canton Fair 2023


Lunyee's main products on display at this exhibition were our electric vehicles and related kits. Our ET electric motorcycle and LYM-02 electric motorcycle attracted a lot of attention at the show, and our team demonstrated our technology and design for many people on the spot. Besides, our electric motor and electric scooter also attracted a lot of attention. Through the face-to-face communication with many friends, more people have a further understanding of Lunyee, and we had exchanges and discussions with many potential partners on the spot, and we expect to generate a lot of business cooperation in the future.

Throughout the exhibition, Lunyee's staff maintained a high standard of professional service, proactively received every customer who visited Lunyee's booth, and endeavored to provide the best service for every visitor.


Overall, Lunyee's participation in the Canton Fair was a complete success. It not only enhanced Lunyee's brand awareness but also further expanded business cooperation opportunities. Based on this Canton Fair, we will continue to work hard to create more high-quality products and reward every partner who supports Lunyee with better strength.

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