Sales case: Hub motors for electric tricycles

Customer Background Introduction

Trevor is a purchasing manager at a well-known automotive factory in South Korea, specializing in the manufacture of industrial and commercial vehicles such as transport vehicles, warehousing vehicles, and pulling vehicles. Recently, their company plans to produce a batch of electric tricycles for efficient material handling, mobility, and safety in warehousing facilities, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants. Trevor's primary responsibilities include identifying and sourcing high-quality components that meet the unique requirements of its warehouse Electric Tricycles while ensuring cost-effectiveness and timely delivery.

Customer Needs

Trevor contacted us via the Alibaba website and expressed interest in our hub motors. He specializes in finding 4-inch geared hub motors that meet the following requirements:

  • Dual-axis design for even torque distribution and better balance during operation.
  • Customize terminals and wire lengths to suit the specific electrical and installation configurations of their warehouse trucks.
  • Powerful performance and reliability ensure warehouse trucks can withstand everyday use in demanding industrial environments.
  • Competitive prices and reputable suppliers can provide continuous support and technical assistance.
  • In addition, Trevor is exploring the possibility of using 6-inch gear wheel motors for company vehicles, depending on the performance and compatibility of its warehouse vehicles. To select the most suitable product, Trevor requires samples from several suppliers, including us, to evaluate the quality, performance, and suitability of comparing different hub motors under real-world conditions.


After an in-depth understanding of Trevor's needs, our team recommended the following solutions:

  • Dual-axle 4-geared hub motors are tailored to the specific dimensions and performance standards required for their vehicles. These motors are known for their compact design, efficient performance, and low maintenance requirements.
  • Customize terminals and wire lengths to ensure seamless integration with electrical systems and mechanical components for warehousing vehicles, ultimately simplifying the assembly process and reducing manufacturing costs.
  • We also provided detailed technical specifications, installation guides and maintenance recommendations with the sample to help Trevor and his team assess our hub motors fully and effectively.
  • We promptly send custom samples to Trevor to ensure timely delivery to facilitate their assessment process. Our sales team and engineers maintain open communication with Trevor to provide ongoing support and resolve any issues or concerns that arise during the evaluation phase.

Customer Reviews

After receiving our samples, Trevor compares them with his team based on quality, performance, customized options, and samples from their pull trucks and other suppliers. Ultimately, Trevor chose our 4-inch geared hub motor because our products have the following advantages over competing suppliers:

  • High-quality structures and materials create durable hub motors that withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments.
  • Excellent performance and efficiency ensure optimal power transmission and reduced energy consumption, resulting in longer battery life and increased run time for warehouse electrical tricycles.
  • Seamless customization of double axles, terminals, and wire lengths makes it easy to integrate with warehouse tricycles and simplifies the manufacturing process.
  • Our sales and engineering teams provide comprehensive and professional support, valuable insights, troubleshooting assistance, and a commitment to customer satisfaction throughout the assessment process and beyond.
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