Are electric bikes heavy?

In general, e-bikes are relatively heavy due to factors such as motors, batteries, and stronger frames. But the weight of an e-bike varies with different motors and batteries.

Are electric bikes heavy

Motor and battery weight

Electric motors and battery packs add significantly to the weight of an electric bike. Hub motors typically add 4-8 lbs. Mid-drive motors add about 5-10 lbs. Battery packs range from 6 to 15 pounds, depending on capacity. Combined, electric components can add 15-25 pounds or more to a bike.

Stronger frames and parts

E-bikes require stronger reinforced frames and components to withstand the extra weight and torque. Stronger forks, rims, spokes, tires, brakes, gears, and other components add weight compared to a conventional bike. The overall weight of the frame and components may increase by 5-15 pounds.

The gross weight of e-bikes

Overall, the typical e-bike weighs between 45-75 pounds, with high-end performance models approaching 90 pounds. In comparison, the average weight of a conventional bicycle is only 20-30 pounds. Electrical components and reinforced construction make the average e-bike weigh about 25-50 pounds.


Although current e-bikes are not lightweight, technological advances in the e-bike industry, lightweight motors, batteries, and frame improvements are expected to make e-bikes lighter while maintaining the same power and performance.

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