Is it better to have a higher power for an electric vehicle motor?

In recent years, two-wheeled electric bikes have become more and more popular, and most people use them for short-distance commuting. Despite the large number of people using them, most people still fall into misunderstandings when selecting an e-bike. For example, the bigger the motor of an electric bike the better. What power motor is more suitable for you?

Then today, we will give you a list of the differences between different power motors on e-bikes.

First, 350W-400W motors. This type of motor is generally used in the new national standard electric vehicle, the representative characteristic of this type of car is the maximum speed of 25km / h. Because the power of this type of motor is not big, so the performance and torque of the vehicle are relatively small, suitable for single travel, and not suitable for climbing slopes.

I believe that when you see here, there will be many friends in the heart of the silent exclusion of this type of motor, but you and continue to look, do not rush to make a decision. After the release of the new national standard for electric vehicles, more than 25km / h of electric vehicles are recognized as ultra-labeled vehicles, and the latest production and complete procedures of electric vehicles are also divided into the ranks of motor vehicles. Because many places have restrictive or prohibitive policies on two-wheeled motorized vehicles, the only ones that are not subject to riding restrictions are the electric vehicles equipped with such small-power motors.

The second type, about 800W motor, this kind of motor is generally used for electric mopeds. The speed of this type of car compared to the new national standard electric car has a significant increase in the average speed of about 45km / h. However, it should be noted that according to the regulations of this type of electric motorcycle. However, it should be noted that according to the regulations, this type of electric motorcycle is not allowed to carry people, so it is more suitable for single person commuting.

The third type, the 1000W-1500W motor, commonly used in electric motorcycles, this type of two-wheeled vehicle can reach a speed of about 55km / h, followed by a range, often with a 72V battery, the range of 100km or so, if it is a 72V38Ah battery, the speed is reduced and even can reach 200km range.

In addition, the body size of this type of car is larger, the comfort in the riding process is better, and can also normally carry an adult. Strong performance, in the driving process is not a picky road, whether it is uphill or over the pothole road, most of these cars can pass smoothly.


The last kind, 1500W or more motor, this kind of car is mostly used for high-speed electric motorcycles. The characteristics of this type of car are very obvious, with high speed and cool design, which is very attractive to electric motorcycle enthusiasts.



All in all, an electric motorcycle is not the higher motor power is better, suitable for you to use the motor power is the best for you.

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