5 minutes to tell you how to properly buy an electric bike

E-bikes are becoming more and more popular among the public, whether it is for work, school, or traveling, an e-bike can solve the commuting needs of most people. However, for the first time to buy an e-bike for newcomers, due to the lack of thorough understanding of the e-bike, once encountered part of the unprofessional shopping guide, they are likely to buy an electric bicycle that does not match their expectations due to a lack of in-depth understanding of electric bicycles. Today we will provide you with the popularity of the purchase of electric bicycles, so that novice buyers no longer step on the mine!

1. Battery type

Batteries provide the vehicle with the electrical energy needed to travel. The most common electric bike batteries on the market today are lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries. These two types of batteries have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Lithium battery

  • Advantages: Lithium batteries have a long life, are light in weight, are small in size, and weigh only about 1/5 of lead-acid batteries.
  • Disadvantages: high-temperature resistance is weak.

Lead-acid batteries

  • Advantages: stable voltage, cheap, simple maintenance, stable quality, high reliability.
  • Disadvantages: short cycle life, the theoretical number of cycles for lithium-ion batteries is 1/3 or so.

2. Battery life

For many people, range and speed are the first factors to consider when selecting a vehicle. If your daily riding needs longer mileage, you can choose an e-bike with a high range. If it's a daily ride, most e-bikes can meet the demand. If you are a wild cycling enthusiast, you'd better buy a professional mountain e-bike; Lunyee has produced a wild cycling e-bike specifically for wild terrain. In short, the choice of range suitable for their own riding needs is the most important.

3. Motor

The motor is commonly known as the heart of the e-bike, and its importance is self-evident. When choosing an e-bike, the main consideration is the power of the motor. The motor power of a small car is usually lower, such as 350–400 W, whereas the motor power of a big car is more powerful, the stronger the climbing power. In addition, the motor noise is also a factor you need to pay attention to. You can use your ears to listen to the sound of the motor when you start the e-bike. The sound of the motor of a good-quality e-bike is exceptionally small, no vibration when you start, and the sound of the start and the sound of high-speed travel are the same.

4. Charger

Try to choose a smart charger that can take into account ordinary charging and emergency rapid charging, with overcharge protection, so as to ensure that the vehicle is automatically cut off when it is full of power.

5. Tyres

There are different kinds of tires for vehicles, which can be divided into vacuum tires and solid tires. Vacuum tires have a better shock absorption effect, which makes the ride smoother and less bumpy, but there is a risk of flat tires. On the contrary, solid tires are less effective in shock absorption but are more sturdy and wear-resistant.

6. Brakes

Vehicle brake performance disc brakes, drum brakes, rising brakes, and comprehensive performance. In order to reduce the general brakes, they are used before the disc brakes and after the drum brakes, so that the braking performance of the electric car is better.

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