Electric scooters become a "walking talisman"? It's cool, but there are a few things to keep in mind!

In recent years, with the rise of the electric scooter industry and the demand for short and convenient trips, we can see people standing on electric scooters on the road, nimbly travelling through the crowd. Although this looks cool, as a practitioner in the electric scooter industry, this is also dangerous. As a short-distance travelling method, electric scooter is not only convenient and easy to carry, but also quite interesting, which is a great way to travel. But if you want to get a safer and more comfortable ride, there are some precautions to be taken in the process of using it. Today's article will give you a science, in the end, how to scientifically use and purchase electric scooters.

Electric scooter use guide

Electric scooter belongs to the skating tool, different countries have different legal provisions for it, whether it can be driven on the road, you need to decide according to the laws and regulations of your location. If the relevant laws and regulations stipulate that electric scooters can not be driven on the non-motorised road, not to mention the motorway, then you can only be used in closed community roads or indoor venues and other places.

    Before using the electric scooter need to make sure to do a good job of safety measures, such as checking whether the vehicle braking performance is normal, handle and other parts of the loose, while wearing a helmet, knee pads and other protective gear.
  • The weight of the user should not exceed the maximum load indicated on the scooter, nor lower than the minimum weight indicated, in addition, do not hang items on the handle during the gliding process, the best thing to do is not to hang items that are easy to shake.
  • Skidding process should be with others to maintain a certain safety distance, to the accident produced by the reaction time to avoid collision.
  • It is recommended not to charge frequently, do not charge for a long time, full can pull out the charger.
  • If the product has been accidentally dropped or hit by heavy objects, do not rush to charge, be sure to check whether the product shell cracks or deformation, whether the internal loose noise, charging, pay special attention to the shell temperature is abnormal, so as to avoid damage to the internal circuitry, battery damage caused by accidents.
  • Riding, always control the speed, to ensure their own safety, but also to avoid poor control endangering the safety of others.
  • Carefully select the charger, it is best to choose to buy the product of the same manufacturer's charger.

Electric scooter shopping guide

  • Purchase products made by manufacturers with high reputation, these enterprises have advanced management system and production facilities, product quality can be guaranteed, lower repair rate and better after-sales service.Lunyee attaches great importance to the reputation of the enterprise, and has a complete product quality supervision system and after-sales service system.
  • Should check whether the product packaging is complete, whether the package contains product certification, instruction manuals, warranty cards and other basic accessories, while checking the product appearance. A qualified product needs to have a neat appearance, no cracks, no loose parts, no burrs, no rust, etc..
  • The charger should use the national standard plug, and plug in the electric scooter interface is not loose, charging instructions are normal.
  • Purchase the right wheel size electric scooter. Electric scooter wheel size, material use is also quite critical. Wheel tyres can be with and your personal preferences to buy, according to their own preferences, for example, the vacuum tyre shock absorption effect is good, but there is a risk of blowout, the solid tyre shock absorption effect is poor, but wear-resistant and durable, do not need to pump. Generally choose the electric scooter with large and softer wheels, the buffer of the wheels is better, and it is not easy to fall down when encountering small ditches, pits or uneven road vibration.
  • Purchase of the main body material is steel alloy, aluminium alloy vehicles, such body strength is higher, more durable. Especially aluminium alloy scooter, can ensure the strength of the body at the same time also reduces the weight of the body.
  • Purchase a good braking effect of the braking method of electric scooters, electric scooter brakes related to the user's safety, is an important factor to consider when purchasing. Disc brakes is better than electronic brakes.
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